Blake – Belly of the Beast

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Download Blake - Belly of the Beast Flac Mp3 Lyrics  Youtube Streaming Music


Format: FLAC
Channels: 2
Bits depth : 16 bit
Bit Rate : 700-1200kbps
Audio Sample Rate: 44kHz

Download Blake – Belly of the Beast Flac Mp3 Lyrics Youtube Streaming Music

Blake – Belly of the Beast


MP3 320kbps – RC CU

Flac 16bit – ZS


Fuck, Fuck
Ugh ugh ugh look

5 percent, bitch don’t look at my window
Nggas playing games out here like This game killed Nintendo She stuck up, now this Bang Bang, get low Then why you trying to be friends though? Nggas out here giving info
Boy you twenty car Winslow
My wrist dance to the disco
You step once in the
I might break your heart, little bitch
But I promise I’ll be gentle
How y’all stacking up twenties
In that bitch so motherfuckin’ little
Look, cash app in her bio
I swear these hoe’s make me sick
You can still get dogged
I don’t care how many likes you get
Couldn’t get off the phone
Had to tell her I was on 53 percent
How your ass so broke
But got so many likes on your pic

Pull off n*gga in the breeze
Hitting that bitch like, when I please
Jewelry on me still on freeze
Say I smell like weed
How you gon’ go switch teams
Ya’ll care bout every little thing
I don’t know what to believe

Bitch my drip on
Just going out to eat
They talk but imma let it be
Ain’t playing no hide n go seek
No sir no CBD
Them SI’s GTG
Might pull up AMG
Pull off like BRB

Look, yeah
Man what’s up
I’ve been dubbin up
When your wrist look like this dude you don’t gotta speak too much
Stop with all that [?] little buddy enough is enough
You ain’t drop no racks, that bitch a couple hundred bucks
I just copped an Audi that bitch came with real leather seats
I just copped two entrees cause I ain’t know which one I wanna eat
I just got a screenshot I ain’t gonna save nothin, but I peaked
That pussy shit get exposed, n*gga welcome to the belly of the beast

Yeah, fuck
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck

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