New Released! 66 Flac Songs on May 2020

Download 66 Hifi Convert Flac Songs, First Week in May 2020,


  • Format: FLAC
  • Channels: 2
  • Bits depth: 16 bit
  • Bit Rate: 500-1200kbps
  • Audio Sample Rate: 44kHz-44100
  • Size: 10-40 MB
  • Quality: Normal


Link Download File 1-30 – Hifi Flac on May 2020

24kgoldn – Unbelievable.flac15.440 MB Doja Cat – Say So Feat. Nicky.flac23.429 MB 
AJ Tracey – Dinner Guest (feat. MoStack).flac19.384 MB Drake – Pain 1993.flac15.804 MB 
Akon – Escape.flac24.459 MB Duwap Kaine – Smile.flac12.721 MB 
Annika Rose – Naïve.flac21.424 MB French Montana – Cold.flac24.213 MB 
Badbadnotgood – Goodbye Blue.flac20.619 MB G-Eazy – Angel Cry.flac19.781 MB 
Big Thief – Love in Mine.flac20.981 MB G-Eazy – Moana.flac17.918 MB 
Brandy – Baby Mama.flac23.769 MB H.E.R. – Wrong Places (from Songland).flac20.090 MB 
Brett Young – Lady.flac19.557 MB Haim – I Know Alone.flac23.793 MB 
Bruno Major – The Most Beautiful Thing.flac18.848 MB Hayden James – Right Time.flac20.388 MB 
Camila Cabello – My Oh My (Remix).flac19.524 MB Hilltop Hoods – I-m Good_.flac16.847 MB 
Catalyna – Acompañame.flac26.515 MB Jaydayoungan – 38K.flac12.403 MB 
Church & AP – War Outside.flac18.937 MB JessB – Pon It.flac17.825 MB 
Coi Leray – Better Days.flac16.136 MB JoJo – Comeback (feat. Tory Lanez and 30 Roc).flac17.566 MB 
Dixie Chicks – Julianna Calm Down.flac25.846 MB Kane Brown – Cool Again.flac19.448 MB 
DOE BOY – Split It.flac18.705 MB Kehlani – F&MU.flac14.534 MB 
Files: 30

Link Download 31 – 66 – Hifi Flac on May 2020

Khalid – Eleven.flac19.980 MB No Money Enterprise – No Reason.flac18.484 MB 
Khalid – Know Your Worth.flac21.090 MB Oasis – Don-t Stop… (Demo).flac34.365 MB 
KILLY – Sailor Moon.flac14.358 MB Ocean Alley – Hot Chicken.flac18.700 MB 
Kings – Floating.flac17.925 MB Punch – Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtains.flac25.901 MB 
Kossisko – The End.flac14.585 MB Quinn XCII – Coffee.flac20.185 MB 
Kota the Friend – B.Q.E.flac23.539 MB R3HAB – 911.flac14.898 MB 
Leven Kali – MADE 4 U.flac21.763 MB Sech – Casino.flac18.169 MB 
Lil Spacely – No Excuses.flac20.808 MB SeeB – Unfamiliar.flac21.730 MB 
Lil Tjay – Ice Cold.flac19.782 MB StaySolidRocky – Party Girl.flac12.081 MB 
Lukas Graham – Love Songs.flac20.320 MB Stunna 4 Vegas – Freestyle.flac13.841 MB 
Luke Combs – Six Feet Apart.flac22.564 MB T-Shyne – Moncler (feat. Young Thug).flac22.636 MB 
MAC MILLER – Don-t Mind If I Do.flac16.214 MB Tee Grizzley – I Spy.flac19.280 MB 
Machine Gun Kelly – Bloody Valentine.flac27.281 MB The Bonfyre – U Remind Me.flac19.131 MB 
Marshmello – Be Kind.flac21.193 MB The Eddy – Kiss Me In The Morning.flac16.761 MB 
MAX – Missed Calls (feat. Hayley Kiyoko).flac16.576 MB The Rolling Stones – Living In A Ghost Town.flac25.629 MB 
Megan Thee Stallion – Savage Remix (Clean) (feat. Beyoncé).flac29.137 MB Trey Songz – Back Home (feat. Summer Walker).flac21.710 MB 
Milky Chance – Don–t Let Me Down.flac19.937 MB YG – Laugh Now Kry Later!.flac13.811 MB 
Mozzy – Body Count.flac26.391 MB Yung Lean – Pikachu.flac11.360 MB 
Files: 36

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