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Wax – Rare Specimen

Download Wax – Rare Specimen Flac Mp3 Lyrics – Flaces

Download Wax - Rare Specimen Flac Mp3 Lyrics


Format: FLAC
Channels: 2
Bits depth : 16 bit
Bit Rate : 753kbps
Audio Sample Rate: 44kHz

Download Wax – Rare Specimen Flac Mp3 Lyrics

Wax: “Rare Specimen” (Audio) Youtube

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[Verse 1]
Flow so vibrant
No code defines it
On my own island, my phone on silent
Overblown flyness, I overthrow the pilot
Tradition missin’ like a pirate eye, you’d need a private eye to find it
My shit’s aligned with divinely designed shit
Rhyming is my natural environment, ayy
Still cold so the billfold thrivin’
Smoke fumes billow as a little psilocybin
Rekindles the drive to free my mind from confinement
Time unwinds akin to twine on a spindle
Spine tinglin’ rhyme deliverin’ is how my time’s spent
I defy you to devise shit that’s fly as I invent, ayy
Good grief, you can’t do it chief
Cold sweats from it, go get some damn flu relief
I just turned over a newer leaf
You get burned like you were keef or a skewer of beef

I’m a rare specimen

[Verse 2]
Gun for hire for my peers under fire
Under pressure a la a brassiere’s underwire
Like you rotting in hell, you literally dead wrong
Like a cot in a cell, I’m criminally slept on
Give it to me, I kept going, my stamina’s impeccable
Amateurs are skeptical, they never went that extra extra decibel
That finally makes the ear drum pop
Similar sound to when that last straw’s dropped
On the top of that proverbial camel back
Cats can’t handle that
Pressure make ’em crack, break your grandma’s back
From me far cries, it’s hard to out-rap me
On my hard drive’s where the far out slaps be
Yes, I am ill when I get down
I am filled with the best sounds
Brian Wilson from Pet Sounds
Giant hilltop I step down from to get on level of man
Royally foilin’ your devilish plan

‘Cause I’m a rare specimen

[Verse 3]
Used to be a wild motherfucker, now I’m more reserved
From the delivery service, I purchase and order herbs
Like they were hors d’oeuvre sandwiches with toothpicks and olives
My reputation for cleanliness matches Palmolive’s
I’m a solid source of fine rap, you know that
Oh snap, rewind that, blow your mind rap, I’m that
Your mic’s an item you should think about pawning
Your chick is now fawning ’cause I stick out like an awning
Bounce ideas off of me, I am surely one to improve ’em
Make you a quick meal then say peace and keep it movin’
Pile thousands, loungin’ on a hammock as it swings
While your chick brings little sandwiches and things
She be tellin’ all her friends “I’m so enamored when he sings”
While my passive income’s steadily ching-ching-ching-ching-ching
When that fat lady bellows, I’ma be mellow relaxing
Gotta get some of that American dream
On the plate from which I’m eating
Oh, face it
The most high, been so gracious
Got friends in both high and low places
Wide loads to say, that’s why I’m loquacious
So graced with style that’s bodacious
You ever so tasteless
You’ll never know greatness
Your efforts are so basic
My clever flow is laced with evasiveness, ayy
I leave no traces
Shrouded in mystery like an episode of fucking Cold Cases
I swear I try not to be biased
But pinnacles of rap, I am on the fucking highest
A peak from which I drop that upper echelon science
Flat-Earther types get their worlds further flattened by it
People deny it staunchly, I say hate all you want
Your whole family I will taunt
Cousin, uncle, and aunt
I treat the game like it was an all you can eat restaraunt
And then I lay back in my lawn chair, aw yeah

I’m a rare
It ain’t often you see
A bad motherfucker like me
I’m different, I’m gifted
I rip shit ridiculously, ayy
Come on man


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